Benjamyn Keegan


“Hi! How are you! My name’s Benjamyn Keegan, but most people call me Ben. Or Benji. Or Filthy Bleedin’ Little Pizzle of a Tashkat…we get all kinds here in Alan’s Crossing. I’m 18 years old today!

That’s…usually where people say happy birthday. Oh, well. My da was 18 when he came here ta Alans Crossing. He was a great man, my da. Name was Jerimyn, but everyone called him Jeri. You just ask anyone down here about ol’ Jeri Keegan! ‘Salt o’ the earth’, they’ll say. He was workin’ to make life better fer all us Tashkats here at the Crossing.

Til that oxcart got him 5 years ago…

Let me get you another pint!

Where was I? Oh, yeah. After me da passed, me ma…well, she stopped really livin’. Did I mention she comes from Drana nobility? That’s right, I’ve got blue blood in these veins! Well, ‘cause she married a Balanis, she hasn’t spoken ta her family in years. Sooo…we were kinda stuck here. Oh, and the drinkin’ didn’t help. Well, I had a couple of younger sisters, Jinny and Fanna, well, SOMEONE had ta take care of’em. So, I started workin in lotsa places, scroungin’ where I could, just tryin’ ta put food on the table. Well, bein’ the man of the house, I was workin’ so much I didn’t get to practice my magic tricks nearly as much. Oh, you ever seen Zorbo the Amazin? He’s bleedin’ BRILLIANT! I watched him pull a rabbit right outa someone’s knickers one time! Look…you got a silver behind yer ear! Lemme buy yer next round with it!

Here ya go! Where was I? Oh, yeah! Zorbo! He still performs sometimes, I sure like him better than that sad ol’ bard that’s been spendin’ time in the inns of late. I mean, he don’t seem a bad sort, but all his songs are so…MOURNFUL…but I guess the folk drink more when they’re sad, so maybe he’s doin’ me a favor, eh?

Shouts coming from by the bar of "Where's my purse?!"

Well, sounds like it’s about the end of my shift…gotta run, and thanks fer yer charity! What? Oh, you’ll see soon enough!

G’bye mister!

Benjamyn Keegan

Dal Gurath ghenil