The accidental patron of the adventuring party.


An elderly and wealthy human of elevated standing in the community of Alan’s Crossing.


Darrien grew to know Eammon Quinn while the bard was pursuing his own fortunes as a vintner, before the tragic loss of his son. Darrien fancied wines for his cellar purchased from Eammon’s upstart vinyard. Friendship followed as the bard’s effortless charisma and frequent storytelling made him a regular dinner guest at Darrien’s estate.

Saddened by Eammon’s descent in to melancholy and destitution following the bard’s consuming quest for his lost son, Darrien offered to pay Eammon handsomely if he would retrieve a family heirloom stolen from his estate.

The quest for the heirloom, a mysterious alabaster box, brought the adventuring party together. Having recovered the box only created further mystery, however, and now Darrien has commissioned the party to unravel its secrets.


Dal Gurath Oghrim