Gors ban Dalarius

Imperial Legate commanding Fort Vigil


Holding the title of Imperial Legate makes ban Dalarius the ultimate arbiter of Nerathi law, beholden to none within Dal Gurath. Despite his title he has displayed little interest in regional politics with his command instead being occupied containing the Scourge within the Keilani delta. So long as his needs for supplies, arms, and conscription are met he has largely ignored the interior of the colony.

A massive physical specimen, even among his own race, ban Dalarius is a legendary warrior respected or feared by all who know his name. Due to the isolation of Fort Vigil and their grim duty combating the Scourge the majority of the Gurian people have never seen the Legate or any of his elite troops. Despite his distance seemingly fantastical stories of his exploits commonly circulate through taverns and soldiers’ camps throughout the colony.

Among the more popular tall tales are the following:
  • His stare alone can kill a man
  • He rules from the top a fortified spire and magically communes with the Nerathi Emperor from his seat upon a throne of human skulls
  • He propagates the Scourge as part of an insidious Nerathi experiment upon the Gurian people
  • He once rode a mighty dragon in to combat. Following the battle he challenged the dragon to single combat and won simply to see who was the stronger
  • He executes his own soldiers for cowardice if they return from a battle without slaying every opponent on the field
  • He accepts only the finest warriors under his command. Any one of his Shock Troopers is said to be worth twenty colonial soldiers
  • He has tasked his own men to slay one another in ritual combat to cull the weak from his command

Gors ban Dalarius

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