A charismatic young Priest of Erathis


Iloben is a Priest located in Alan’s Crossing. He is graced with a dynamic combination of youth, charisma, and enthusiastic faith that have made him a rising star among the Gurian clerical community.

While welcoming to devotees of all the gods Iloben is personally devoted to Erathis and preaches that it is time for the Gurian people to unify under their own banner to reclaim all of Dal Gurath. While not outwardly critical of the region’s recent history as a Nerathi colony he seems dismissive of Nerathi claims. According to Iloben the Scourge can only be ended once the Gurian people are in command of their own destiny. In his vision of the future the Scourge is over and a new Gurian banner hangs proudly over a glittering string of rebuilt and expanding cities, marking the dawn of a new Empire.

His message has resonated strongly with those who feel that Nerath has abandoned the region to wither and die. A new sense of purpose is swelling among his flock where before was only despair. His followers grow in numbers by the day and construction has begun on a new temple dedicated to Erathis at the center of the city.

His rallying cry to Gurian self-rule has drawn a negatively polarized reaction from those with Nerathi loyalties such as the Nolleh Balanis and many others of all races who trace their family history directly to Nerathi colony ships. That an abandoned Nerathi Imperial warehouse was torn down to make way for the new temple did not further endear Iloben to Nerathu loyalists.


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