Earl of The Crossing


A wealthy middle-aged Half-Elf resident of Alan’s Crossing and direct descendant of the Nerathi colonist Alan.


The Imperial title Earl of The Crossing was granted to Alan by the Emperor himself following the resounding success of the Nerathi colonization of Dal Gurath. Alan’s non-violent approach of racial integration and economic growth allowed the Empire to create a large source of revenue from their new colony in less than a single generation and without the need for large and costly garrisons. The title itself is both a nod to the city which bears Alan’s name as well as his own personal crossing of the oceans aboard a Nerathi colony ship.

The title has been passed down along Alan’s bloodline ever since and is now held by Eben. Eben’s estate is rumored to be worth a king’s ransom following generations of prosperous trade of colonial goods and resources across the sea to Nerath. This accumulated wealth has allowed him to weather the loss of Gurath Kel and the onset of the Scourge better than most and he is known to throw the most ostentatious dinner parties of all the Nobles that remain in the land.

Eben holds a seat on the City Council and his voice carries great weight. The most wealthy families of Alan’s Crossing typically became so by dealing hand in hand with the Earls of The Crossing. Eben is a vocal Nerathi loyalist and seems confident that it is only a matter of time before Nerathi forces will penetrate the Scourge and reunite Dal Gurath with the Empire.


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