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What is now known as Dal Gurath has been resettled many times. Long ago the land was part of the Tiefling empire of Bael Turath. Little is known of that time aside from the knowledge that Tielfings’ war with the distant Dragonborn kingdom of Arkhosia laid both races to waste.

In the wake of that great war the cunning Hobgoblin war chief Buliwyf rallied his people from beyond the Whitecap mountains and conquered the region. The human population was enslaved and many surviving Tieflings joined the ranks of the war band rather than face slavery or execution. The rule of the Goblins was absolute within the newly branded kingdom of Yaltiwar. The Dwarves were exterminated from much of the Whitecap Mountains. Much of the southwestern expanse of Farwood Forest was stripped to the roots for lumber to fuel the war machine. It is said that the Keilani ran red for 100 years as the forest Realm of the Twin Queens fought the Goblins.

Ultimately it was the Fey who perservered, and with the death of Buliwyf his followers split along factional lines and destroyed themselves from within. The Eladrin retreated deep into Farwood Forest and have had little to do with the world of men since.

In time the Nerathian colonials arrived and rebuilt the old Tiefling citadel of Gurath Kel. Skilled diplomats among the Nerathi were able to claim the land for their Empire while integrating the remaining local people in to a single unified Gurian culture. Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, and Human all came together for a greater good and generations of prosperity and peace followed.

When The Scourge struck it quickly absorbed the capital city of Gurath Kel and radiated out through the delta and along the coast. The coast and delta regions are now largely considered to be cursed.

It is not known what force caused The Scourge or if Nerath as a whole suffered a similar fate. Some still consider themselves to be Nerathi and long for a day when the colonials will once more land on Gurian shores to bring security and unity to the realm.

With all foreign trade, contact, and supply severed the Gurian people have suffered greatly. Starvation and disease claimed many within a generation of the loss of Gurath Kel. The Elves have retreated further in to the depths of Farwood Forest. The Dwarves have stopped patrolling the Whitecap Mountains and instead delve in to the Underdark. Two rival clans of mercantile Halflings struggle to survive with reduced trade to sustain them. Alans Crossing is the last truly functional community within the realm and is the only place where a sense of Gurian identity persists.

Dal Gurath

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